May 13, 2017

CustomerFirst Secures $1 Million in Funding to Develop North Bay Community Energy Park

CustomerFirst successfully supported North Bay Hydro Services in securing $1 million in government funding to support the construction of a Community Energy Park in North Bay.  On May 12, 2017, Todd Wilcox, CEO of North Bay Hydro announced plans to construct the Community Energy Park, which will be built in partnership with the City of North Bay.

The Park will provide sustainable locally generated energy to the community’s hockey arena, aquatic centre, YMCA and sports recreation park utilizing a microgrid controller, solar panels, battery storage, combined heat and power and electric vehicle charging.  The project is expected to break ground in 2017 and be in-service by spring 2018.

Mayor Al McDonald unveiled an artist’s rendition of the plan with Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault. Said McDonald after the announcement, “It is a partnership between North Bay Services and the provincial government, so there is funding from all the different organizations and levels.”

The development demonstrates an important approach to how community organizations, institutions and different levels of government can work together to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.